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Yes, kids…I’m back. Eventually, I’ll transfer the third installment of my NYC blog from my MySpace (www.myspace.com/pictorphotography – it’s a private profile, so PLEASE, for the love of the GODS, send me a note if you send me a Friends request, I get so many stupid Cam and Gift Certificate bots that if I don’t know you, I will deny your request…nothing personal, trust me) so everyone can share the joy of what my hotel room and Union Square looked like in impending snow conditions.

I am currently brain-dead from the past week’s holiday hi-jinks, so this is going to be a total cop-out post…I haven’t updated my “ULTIMATE PLAYLIST” in here in a while, so here goes…it has almost completely changed into a new monster, so please to enjoy:

1.) “Black Market Dealers” by Funker Vogt.

2.) “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel.

3.) “Breaking The Habit” by Linkin Park.

4.) “Angel’s Punishment” by Lacuna Coil.

5.) “Apathy” by Spetsnaz.

6.) “Something For The Pain” by Zeromancer.

7.) “We Close Our Eyes” by Oingo Boingo.

8.) “Desert Rose” by Sting.

9.) “Wreath Of Barbs” by :Wumpscut:.

10.) “Sweet ‘N’ Sour” by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

11.) “December” by The Last Dance.

12.) “Blue” by The Birthday Massacre.

13.) “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths.

14.) “Last Kiss In Heaven” by Marian’s Joy.

15.) “Welcome To Paradise” by Front 242.

16.) “Red” by Sister Machine Gun.

17.) “Deception” by The Cruxshadows.

18.) “Stripped” by Depeche Mode.

19.) “Out Of Control” by She Wants Revenge.

20.) “Ceremony” by New Order.

21.) “Dominate” by HexRx.

22.) “Spilling Blood” by Necessary Response.

23.) “Legion” by VNV Nation.

24.) “Ramalama (Bang Bang)” by Roisin Murphy.

25.) “Until The End Of The World (Dark Club Mix)” by Apoptygma Berzerk.

26.) “Bullet” by Covenant.

27.) “Get Your Body Beat” by Combichrist.

28.) “Once In A Lifetime” by Wolfsheim.

I promise a new, exciting, picture-filled blog when my brain comes back to life tomorrow morning. Be well, kids!

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NYC, Bitches…PART TWO!

Saturday of Big Apple Con started promptly with me desiring nothing more than to SHOOT my alarm clock. I hit the snooze about 15 times before I realized I had to SHARE a bathroom with the other 20 people on the floor. More shocking was the realization that I hadn’t brought a robe with me. So, with the use of extremely careful timing, I ran my ass into the bathroom and fired up the Classic New York Lo-Flo Shower Head of the shower. After firing off a fast one, I zipped back into my room to get into my business suit, opting for my low-cut black lace shirt rather than my red shirt. I felt foreboding. Paris showed up around 9, and we cabbed it to Penn Plaza.

At the exhibitor’s floor, we came to discover that our table was occupied by another! So, after wandering around a bit, chatting with Static Eddie at the photo op area a bit more, and generally addressing every whim of Paris’ and my ADD, we discovered we DID have a table, across from our Friday table! We set up shop, and proceeded to sell the shit out of comics all day. The funny part about this table (besides the fact that we MIRACULOUSLY weren’t asked to leave after countless profanities exchanged between Paris and myself, some of which involved me throttling him, ESPECIALLY that one joke…ooh, I’m still going to kill you, AssWeezil!), was that we were boxed in. The only way to really escape the table was to crawl under it…which I had to do a lot of, as the publicist. This did indeed invoke many jokes, the best of which *I* had the courtesy of making…the indy label at the booth next to us laughed when they saw me limbo under the table effortlessly and said something to the effect that they were very impressed. I quipped with all the dignity in the world, “Hey, let it be known that any woman worth her weight in gold should be able to crawl under a table and back out without messing up her hair!” A hearty laugh and sideways glance to Paris was made, which in turn made me laugh my ass off.

A few pictures at the table:


The smug bastard himself, surrounded by his work, in the middle of some of the most talented artists the comic book world has ever known…GODS, we belonged there!


Myz Lyz in byzynyzz mode. The suit went over well…in fact, I was followed across half the convention floor by a young vendor who wanted to take me to lunch. It was EVER so cute.

The selling, press packeting, schmoozing, gawking (I’m sorry, that chick’s ass really DID have better posture than the rest of her! It was awful!), and hanging out with Mark Sparacio and Static Eddie…we called it a day at 6:30. SEVEN HOURS of con goodness had left us tired. It was time to unleash ourselves back onto the world in search of food and a subway back to Midway Point (my hotel) to change for dinner. On the way to the subway…I TOOK PICTURES!

Please To Enjoy, Friends:


d00d…my first time seeing Madison Square Garden at night with NON-airportshuttlebullshit-clouded eyes!



Yes, the one ad on that does say, “Stripping To Music Videos Is Fun.” Would we have it any other way (provided the videos aren’t, say…Jessica Simpson or Brittney Spears 2007 videos…I don’t have a dick, and something inside me still retracts when I think of those two…)?


SURROUNDED by advertising…I want some of these for my place and to put around EVERY Memetic Crew member’s house. Totally.


It would so work, guys!!!!!! *ducks onslaught of abuse from North Carolina*


I don’t know what Grendel looks like in Texas, but SHIT, he’s bigger in New York!


Paris and I would like to dedicate this picture to Keith, Memetic Press’ Hired Specialist. When we walked past this, we both saw it and GAWKED. After a second, I said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” and we both just started HOWLING with laughter. We started snapping pictures…AND I EXPERIENCED MY FIRST “BEING YELLED AT BY A PARANOID NEW YORK CRAZY LADY!” I almost cried, I felt so special when she told me I had better not be taking her picture or she’d break the camera over my white ass (to which I was tempted to answer, “I’ve had more interesting things broken over my ass by better woman than you, lady.”). It’s moments like this that bring out my love of humanity. As Paris and I observed, not only can this city keep our walking pace, it makes the two of us look like fucking Mister and Missus Sunshine!


The most beautiful post office I’ve ever seen…I think my camera squirted upon seeing this. The Unabomber figure in the corner is Paris, putting up with my shutterbugging in Ass-Degree weather…sucker. LOL!


After the last shot of bright lights, we descended into the subway station for my first subway ride…which took a while as Paris the “subway expert (his words, NOT mine…though I got shushed a lot when I repeated them to him)” tried to figure out which damn platform we had to be on. I saw yet another giant rat (which I learned to calmly ignore…they don’t talk to you if you ignore them…), and saw my first in-car solicitation of money. I found the subway to have a real calming effect…I almost fell asleep. Good thing I hadn’t, or my compatriot probably would have let me drool on a stranger so he could sell tickets to the resulting fight…

After an arrival and quick change at my room, we made our way to Mumbles on East 17th, which…seriously, those were THE BEST WHITE RUSSIANS I had ever had in my life, and the rest of the food was amazing. Even the cornbread got Paris’ Southern Approval (and we all know how far that approval goes…about as far as one of my crushing wit blows will let it…). It was an evening of two friends wrapping up the night, debriefing…and just generally enjoying the fact that in New York, no one can hear your verbal abuse. It was a nice night.

After dinner, Paris headed back to Brooklyn. My tipsy ass went back to the hotel, did some drunk dials to family members, and sat in the shower to loosen up my back after SEVEN HOURS in six-inch heels. As the hot water ran over me while I curled up in the tub below the shower head…I smiled. Business was booming, friendships were growing, AND PEOPLE WERE LOVING “AFTER!” It was an amazing feeling for me when one girl came back to buy the comic after she read the press release I had written up for it. That made me feel like I had really done my job, which I have been working so hard to make happen.

I am so proud to be a part of this, and I am so proud of all the parties involved in this book…especially you, Mr. Battle. I couldn’t sell this as well if the product didn’t rock.

Okay folks…tomorrow is Part Three…full of hotel and city pictures.

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Hey kids, it’s my official Big Apple Con Blog, Part One!

This is going to take three blogs over a three-day period to process the sensory overload of the trip,  not to mention the pictures I took…

Well…let’s start with the only horror story of the weekend: attempting to get into Manhattan from JFK Airport. I had reserved a SuperShuttle (OMG, NEVER USE THESE FUCKWITS!), but two SuperShuttle drivers who came into the terminal refused to give me a ride, even though they had my fucking reservation. FINALLY (after 30 minutes) I get a ride, and the driver has to pick up other passengers. No sweat. Except…one passenger has to get to a hotel by the Queensborough Bridge, which is an hour (taking the fright that is the Van Wyck into the time consideration) from where the other six of us in the car were going. The woman going to Queens had already waited an hour, and apparently was late for her meeting at the UN…THEN it turns out she forgot her presentation book at the airport…she shoved a cell phone at our driver and DEMANDED he talk to his boss about bringing her the book NOW. This caused some…ERRATIC…driving in the middle of fucking Queens construction, which is *SUCH* a joy. Well, we kicked her out of the car at her hotel finally…then it was time to cross the 59th Street Bridge (feeling groovy!) and head to Manhattan. Here’s some blurry cab window pictures of that ride:








THEN…I arrived at the hotel! I putzed around town for a while until Paris arrived, then it was off to the convention! We pretty much went headfirst into business, and kicked off our weekend with an interview with the ROCKING Matman of Secret Identity Podcast. Here’s some pictures I took of the interview, displaying both of Paris’ natural states…smug and tired (just being a butthead, we all know Paris does more than flaunt his ego and zone out…*ducks large objects thrown from Charlotte*):





The lovely Matt then gave us a table on the exhibitor’s floor. We set up comics and press releases, and hung out with the fabulous artist Mark Sparacio (Shi, Wonder Woman), who gave Paris a signed Sgt. Rock lithograph after Paris gave him a signed copy of AFTER! We sold a few comics, and met the awesome Static Eddie (our new Con buddy!), who is a totally cool dude. The day continued in that vein, with many awful jokes and threats to kill my compatriot, but I rocked my business suit, and the press releases went well. Dinner was then murdered, and a night was called early.

Thus endeth Day One. Success, smiles, and smug bastards all around.

Tomorrow…DAY TWO!

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A Note To The Unenlightened…

I’ve long since grown used to the looks my tattoos, clothing, hair, and piercings have invoked from random conservative passerbys. I’ve long since grown used to the looks I get from clubgoers who see the rituals I undergo on various stages in Los Angeles. It doesn’t bother me. What bothers me…is that I really do wish I could openly share my beautiful experiences with people in a calm manner, the way some people share stories about spicy foods they’ve tried, or oceans they’ve scuba dived into.

I used to contemplate writing up and printing the following note, which I wrote two months ago. It would take more time and effort that it is ultimately worth, but…as an anthropologist on Mars, I almost feel like educating people is my duty. This is the note I had written once:

“Dear Stranger,

  You don’t know me, yet you have judged me with your harsh stare. I would like to inform you that your ignorance does not anger or shame me. It saddens me. I often wish that people who look at me the way you have could live in my skin for one day. I wish you could see beauty in unusual places as I do. The world I live in is an accepting, peaceful world, where my compatriots and play partners do not judge me…rather, I am allowed the freedom to express myself, explore myself, and become the most amazing person I can be.

  You see me and think I came from a broken world, and that I am a broken person. I hold a Bachelor’s from a Big Ten University (from which I graduated with High Honors), and I have a well-paying, stable job. My family, though they have moments where your stare has crossed their faces, support and love me with all that they are. I am exactly like you in my ordinary world. I just choose to express myself outside of my mind. Every mark on my body signifies a journey I once made and completed with joyful success. Every minute in the hands of a play partner is an expression of the strongest trust a person can give over, and I am blessed to have friends whom I can trust with all that I am. I am not a black-hearted creature. I love everyone in my world with all that I am, and I have deep spirituality that goes beyond your books and lables. I am a whole person, made thus by the modern primitivism I choose to embrace safely, sanely, and consensually.

  If only you could experience the journeys I have taken! To feel yourself free-falling out of your body as you overcome and transcend your worst fears, to look in the eyes of a play partner and see comfort and safety deep inside, to be able to trust with your whole being, to see with unclouded eyes, and to accept EVERYONE who walks this planet…even those who wish me ill or wish me different…it is a true gift that my journey, my world has given me. I have faced the worst tragedy and pain a person could face, and this life I live has ultimately healed my wounds and allowed me to move on to the greatest things. I have experienced the purest love and happiness, the purest pain and sensuality, and the most stripped down and glorious moments of existence allowed to a mortal. I am the luckiest woman alive, and I have such an amazing world to share.

  I truly feel sorry that you feel you cannot share these joys with me. Whatever path you choose, I hope you travel it safely to the end, and perhaps we shall meet again.”

Yeah, most people *would* crumple it up and toss it aside as they toss my presence aside…but I wonder how many people might read it and genuinely wonder why they felt they had to stare harshly at me. Perhaps I have too much a flare for the dramatic? Or perhaps there’s still a part of me somewhere that wants to save the world, one educational experience at a time…

Meh. Back to ignoring the Mormons across from me trying to explain to their kids why I’m damned. I love Southwest conservatism…it’s cute.

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Gods, I love that word!

So I’m off to Phoenix this weekend to photograph at Sadisco. The theme for the night is The Manson Family, so I’m breaking out the makeup for an effective X on my forehead during my quest for the perfect image. My new favorite band, HexRx, will be playing (I was originally heading to Phoenix to photograph them, but I talked to the club about further work for them and got the green light), and I’m fucking psyched as hell.

Click on the Memetic Press link in my BlogRoll to find the most recent updated list of stores carrying AFTER…by the end of tomorrow, we just might have three more stores carrying us!

NEXT WEEK IS BIG APPLE CON! MY FIRST TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!! I’m so excited, it’s sad. Really sad. But me and Mr. Battle will be there to shill the book and give interviews…stay tuned for an updated list of events. Better yet, come see us. You can’t miss me, I’ll be the bleach blonde in the black and red business suit. Harley Quinn goes Wall Street, kids.

 Also, www.secretidentitypodcast.com is doing a feature on AFTER. The teaser for the book, as well as a link to Memetic Press’ blog, is up in their NEWS section. They will be reviewing us next week, then interviewing Memetic’s own mad genius, Reverend Paris Battle, live from Big Apple Con. Check them out, they totally rock times a billion.

Well…that’s about it. Now go read the Memetic Blog and harass Mr. Battle. Even better, tell him I sent you to hang on his every word. It’s more fun that way.

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Music And Life Update…

Not an exciting post here, but a happy one. I’ll be off to Phoenix to photograph my new favorite band, HexRx (featuring Roger Jarvis of Kevorkian Death Cycle) next week, as well as broadcasting a live interview with them this coming Friday. It’ll make up for the fact that the station had technical difficulties last week. We’ll be re-broadcasting the interview with Mr. Battle of Memetic Press infamy live from our New York Big Apple Con sojourn.

Also…here’s the Perfect Playlist, new, refreshed, and maudlin as fuck. It’s been a rough month, kids, but the fact that I really do have the most amazing support system anyone could ask for makes up for any injustice I’ve suffered. So this list is dedicated to losing my sorrows in my good fortune:

1.) “Ain’t It A Shame” by The B-52s

2.) “Only In My Mind” by Imperative Reaction

3.) “When You’re Evil” by Voltaire

4.) “Military Fashion Show” by And One

5.) “Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison

6.) “Best Of You” by Foo Fighters

7.) “Everything You Want” by Vertical Horizon

8.) “Juke Joint Jezebel” by KMFDM

9.) “Blue Skies” by BT And Tori Amos

10.) “Waking Up Beside You” by Stabbing Westward

11.) “Chrome” by VNV Nation

12.) “Get Your Body Beat” by Combichrist

13.) “Red” by Sister Machine Gun

14.) “Chicks Suck (Guys Suck)” by The Strand

15.) “Bullet” by Covenant

16.) “Collapse” by Inure

17.) “Dead Man’s Party” by The Last Dance

18.) “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced” by Dropkick Murphys

19.) “Greed” by HexRx

20.) “Spilling Blood” by Necessary Response

21.) “Another World” by Beborn Beton

22.) “Crystal” by New Order

23.) “What Else Is There?” by Royksopp

24.) “Precious” by Depeche Mode

25.) “Perfect” by The Cruxshadows

26.) “Army Of Me” by Bjork

27.) “Point And Click” by Chant

28.) “Europa And The Pirate Twins” by Thomas Dolby

29.) “Omerta” by Katatonia

30.) “Wreath Of Barbs” by :Wumpscut:

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Once More With FEELING!

Gearing up for my radio show tonight at 10PM EST on www.tunesradio.net, and I thought I’d ease my slight nervousness by posting yet another poem with pictures from a series I did on my friends Sir Skipdog and slave karen. Warning…these are pretty intense play piercing pictures:


Death came to me as no surprise
When I saw the shine in your eyes
As you contemplated my destruction.


I turned to bare my shameful sins
In turn you ran pain through my skin
Forever lost in your sharp seduction.


Forgive me if I did not believe you
I see now hurt is your curse too
Stabbing hate back into your heart.


How do you kill what is already dead
What happens when it invades your head
Dear Master please let us never part.


You ripped me up then stitched me back
You took away my joys and left me black
I am nothing like the woman you once stole.


There is an abyss where once was mind
You destroyed that which I let you find
Eternally you shall have my love and soul.

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Happy Wasted Halloween!

Halloween at Hex Hollywood was a debaucherous, visually perfect evening…even if I did have farfarfar too much to imbibe. The live bands killed…HexRx and Inure are two of my new all-time favorites. Go get their albums and give them lots of luvvins.

I have a radio show now! www.tunesradio.net is the new home of “This Independent World with Lyzette H.M.,” your hour of non-corporate power from 10PM-11PM EST. We’ll have news, reviews, and interviews with the hottest of the independent artist/music/publishing/performance scene. Tomorrow, I’ll be pulling an act of Grand Nepotism and interviewing Thee Reverend Paris Battle ov Memetic Press. Tune in and stay tuned to find out what life is like in the comic book world for my favorite client.

Additionally, I am looking to book people for my show. I have the capability to do phone interviews, and wherever my laptop goes, my studio follows. Give me a holler at pictorphotography@gmail.com with ideas or proposals.

Also…to all my Albuquerque readers…Comic Warehouse on Menaul is stocking Memetic Press’ “AFTER.”  It’s sitting on the shelves as we speak. Go buy it. NOW.

Off to work on the show and prepare for Big Apple Con.

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Can’t Sleep.

I’ve been sitting in bed, staring at my computer, and the warm chocolate milk and mint chocolate Bailey’s is doing little to comfort my troubled mind, much less my troubled stomach.

All I keep thinking about…is the first time I ever heard a train.

We don’t get trains in Santa Monica, I’m not close enough to the Port of Los Angeles for that. I had to wait seventeen years, until I went to the Midwest for college.

I remember my first night in Iowa City, in my parents’ hotel room, before I moved into my dorm room. I was in one bed, they were in another. I was just drifting off through my nervousness about impending loneliness once I was moved in…

And I heard a low, sad moan, followed by a lower shuffling. A sharp whistle pierced me through everything I was…

I got out of bed and sat in the chair by the hotel window. From there, I could see the other new students and assorted boozehounds partying below, but I could not hear them. Just this odd, sad melody cutting through the air.

My mother raised her head sleepily, and I asked her what the noise was.

“My god, you really have never heard a train before, have you?” she asked, voice thick with exhaustion and disbelief. She laid her head back down and fell back to sleep.

I sat at the window and listened to this song, this ode to journey…listened until it faded out, a ghost of industry, off to some final destination.

I cried. I cried harder than I ever had in the seventeen years before, and I can’t explain why. From then on, the sound of a train always drove me to the nearest window to…feel something.

When I moved to New Mexico, to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, I was always near train-tracks. The sound, the mournful wail down the line…it always made me smile, tears brimming in my eyes, sitting by my window. It sang to me…told me there was a world out there, a world within reach. If this metal banshee could make it to some far away place, why couldn’t I? It was always something bigger than me, something so much bigger than me.

I moved back to Los Angeles last December. I haven’t heard a train in a year…I thought I’d reached the end, the Port, the last stop.

Tonight, in a half-asleep daze…I swear I heard a train in the distance. Faintly…singing…humming a song of glory and something so much more than me, so much farther away than my limits. I came out of the trance, and realized it was on some movie I had let run on my TV.

I…feel so indescribable now.

“Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance…everybody thinks it’s true.” — Paul Simon

*Finishes third drink and sighs*

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That, my friends, is the sound of a Publicity ORGASM.

As it has been stated in this blog, Thee Reverend Battle (founder of Memetic Press and author of AFTER) and Thee Publicitee Weynch (me) will be taking up arms and flyers to Big Apple Con from the 16th to the 18th of November.

We are in the final stages of securing an interview on Secret Identitiy Podcast on the 16th, so stay tuned to hear Thee Gospeyl Ov Thee Reverend Battle…I promise you’ll learn something, or he and I will have WORDS after the show. Four-letter words. Additionally, they will be reviewing AFTER, so read it and buy our stuff, kidderoonies!

Aaaand…because like an idiot, I promised…a quick update of Pictor Photography’s NEW Perfect Playlist, AKA “PUBLICITY WENCH KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES MIX”:

1.) “She Breaks For Rainbows” by The B-52s

2.) “Chrome” by VNV Nation

3.) “Juke Joint Jezebel” by KMFDM

4.) “Crystal” by New Order

5.) “Perfect” by The Cruxshadows

6.) “Everything You Want” by Vertical Horizon

7.) “What Time Is Love?” by The KLF

8.) “Black Celebration” by Depeche Mode

9.) “Cuts You Up” by Peter Murphy

10.) “Chicks Suck (Guys Suck)” by The Strand

11.) “Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced” by Dropkick Murphys

12.) “When You’re Evil” by Voltaire

13.) “Army Of Me” by Bjork

14.) “What Else Is There?” by Royksopp

15.) “Never Gonna Come Back Down” by BT

16.) “Only In My Mind” by Imperative Reaction

17.) “Red” by Sister Machine Gun

18.) “This Is My Rifle” by Combichrist

19.) “Dead Man’s Party” by The Last Dance

20.) “Omerta” by Katatonia

21.) “Point And Click” by Chant

22.) “Another World” by Beborn Beton

23.) “Military Fashion Show” by And One

24.) “Fiction (Dreams In Digital)” by Orgy

25.) “After Hours” by Covenant

26.) “Possession” by Sarah McLachlan

27.) “Spilling Blood” by Necessary Response

28.) “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” by Dead Can Dance

29.) “Europa And The Pirate Twins” by Thomas Dolby

30.) Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison

 A few changes, but the sentiment remains…the form may improve, but the heart beats steady. Or some poetic shit like that. Back to my Publicitee Weynchdom…

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